Sourav Ganguly Biography [ national biography ]

Name: Sourav Ganguly

Birth: July 8, 1972

Birth place: Kolkata (West Bengal) 

Sourav Ganguly, also known as Dada, is counted among the most successful captains of the Indian cricket team. He is a left-handed batsman. Millions of people are crazy about Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Ganguly Biography

It will be interesting and important to know about the successful captain of Indian cricket team Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Ganguly's full name is Sourav Chandidas Ganguly. He is also a medium pace medium bowler. He played the first ODI against the West Indies in Brisbane on January 11, 1992 and played in the first Test against England in 1996 in Lord's grounds.

A wonderful combination of strength and enthusiasm is seen in his batting. He also plays amazing shots on the off side. When he was included in the Test match, he was severely criticized. It was said that he was kept in the team due to the quota system. But Sourav made a hundred in his first two Test innings and silenced all. Not only that, in those matches he won the man of the series award with more wickets.

Initially, Sourav Ganguly was deemed eligible to play only because of his non-playing stroke game, but he quickly won his weakness and in the 1997 Sahara Cup in Toronto, he played against Pakistan. Every Indian has made its place in the heart. He has scored 75 runs for 75 balls and also taking 5 wickets with 16 runs. He won 'Man of the Match' 4 times in Toronto. That's why he was also elected Man of the Series.
He has played many times as an 'opening' player with Sachin Tendulkar. The main problem of Sourav is to run between wickets. They believe more in the boundaries rather than one run.

In the series against Sri Lanka, Sourav was selected as the Man of the Series. 1997 was declared the best batsman of the year due to the most runs in ODIs. Thanks to his century, India made the highest score of 314 in one-dayers against Pakistan in Dhaka. In the one-day match, he has the highest record of 252-run partnership with Tendulkar. In one-day cricket history ever, he and Sachin's early pair are the best pair of world number four.

Sourav Ganguly Biography


In February 2000, Sourav was made the captain of the Indian cricket team.

In the series of 5 one-day matches against New Zealand in November 1999, he was selected as the Man of the Series.

Sourav made a huge score of 183 runs in the World Cup 1999 against Sri Lanka in the one-day match and broke the record of 175 before Kapil Dev. It was the highest score of any Indian player at that time.
Ganguly was named 'Man of the Series' in Pepsi Cup 1999. He scored 278 runs and took 6 wickets.

Ganguly is one of the few players in the world who made a hundred in the same match and also got 4 wickets.

Sourav Ganguly is the fourth player in the world in the form of opening player pair with Sachin.

Sourav and Sachin have together made a record of partnership of 252 in the form of opening pair.

Sourav Ganguly was given the 'Arjuna Award' in 1998.

Sourav received the 'Sports Person of the Year' award in 1998.

In 1997, Sourav became the highest scorer in one-day match.

In the Sahara Cup of 1997, Sourav scored a record of man of the match award for five consecutive times and then won the 'Man of the Series' award.