Virender Sehwag Biography { National Biography }

Name: Virender Sehwag
Birth: October 20, 1978
Birthplace: Najafgarh, Delhi
Virender Sehwag Biography

In 2002, a new star emerged in cricket, on which everyone's attention became centered. His name is Virendra Sehwag. In his simplistic style of play that he started to burst the fours and sixes, people became admirers of Sehwag. In his first Test match of his career (3 November 2001), he scored a century against Africa (105 runs) and proved his worth. People started calling him a prince.

{Virender SehwagBiography}

Sehwag's full name is Virendra Kishan Sehwag and people call him Virau. His mother's name is karuna. It can not be said that Sehwag is an born cricketer who shines as soon as possible. Virender Sehwag's father Kishan Kumar is the farmer of Haryana. Buying and selling cereals is an ancestral affair of Sehwag where the flour mill also runs.

Virendra Sehwag did not get the game of cricket in heritage. There was no one to tell him how to catch the bat or what could be achieved due to success in cricket. Sehwag's success is an example for young cricket lovers who want to illuminate the country's name by being successful in the game of cricket.

Sehwag started in 1999 against one-day cricket played against Pakistan in Mohali. In the first test match he scored a century which was played against South Africa in 2001. In his 11 test matches, Sehwag scored 787 runs, including three centuries and four half-centuries.
Virender SehwagBiography

Virendra Sehwag was born in Najafgarh, which is the area of ​​Delhi, but the development here is not equal, but the name of Sehwag is shining here. Her family members introduced her to Government Boys Senior Secondary School in G block of Vikaspuri.

It can be said that Virender Sehwag's fate was good that his school's P.T. Coach AN Sharma P.T. Were different from the coach. Their sharp eyesight recognized the talent of Sehwag. A. N. Sharma NIS Have received the diploma from. He shone the talent of Sehwag.

After school, Sehwag came to Jamia Millia Islamia for further studies. Then his fate helped him and he met Madras Cricket Club coach Satish Sharma. By then no one knew about Sehwag. Then Satish Sharma explained to Sehwag the way to go ahead in cricket. Sehwag started playing for the Madras Cricket Club.

{Virender SehwagBiography}

A journalist asked him what he would like if he would retire from cricket - then Sehwag said, "I would like to be either a cricket coach or I will play snooker."

Apart from cricket, Sehwag is interested in playing old Hindi songs and is interested in playing pool or table tennis. In addition, he likes to swim. She does not like to go to the pub or dance. She likes to spend her extra time with family and friends.

Playing with Sachin Tendulkar or Sourav Ganguly was like a dream for him. When he came to play in the first-class cricket match, he did not believe that he would be able to play with Dravid, Ganguly or Tendulkar. He did not even think of it in a dream- "I thought I was dreaming. I had little concern about whether I would get success or not, I was worried about how to address these senior cricketers, 'Sir or brother?' In the end, his heart said that brother would say okay.
Virender Sehwag Biography

Virender Sehwag still has not forgotten his roots. Whenever he is in his Najafgarh house, he is in the free time. Enjoying watching the movie or Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi spend time listening to the songs. For his friends, Sehwag is still the same who used to play cricket in the streets with a washing stick. She says with confidence - I grew up listening to Kishore Kumar's songs.

Virender Sehwag proved that if the person dares to touch the heights, then he can reach there with his efforts. Virender Sehwag's marriage to Aarti on April 22, 2004.

Sehwag's favorite players include Sachin Tendulkar, Carl Hooper, Vivian Richards, Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh. Apart from cricket, his favorite sports are tennis, badminton, table tennis and pool.

{Virender SehwagBiography}

Born in Najafgarh, Sehwag has touched new heights of success. Being urban from rural, this player is attracting everyone because of which he has become a celebrity. Though there has been a slight change in his Hariyan Jati language, yet the tone and manner of conversation are the same.

Sehwag also played a century in international one day matches. After making a century in the first test match, his father and brother were unable to swell as if their unique dream had come true. His coach AN Sharma had done a net practice of batting for hours for this match.

She believes its lucky to be the brand ambassador of many famous companies. When he is out of town, he remembers most of his mother's food. There has been a lot of changes in the life of Sehwag in the past, he says about the food made by his mother - 'This is the best meal that my mother cooks. There is nothing in the whole world like my mother's made meal. "Sehwag has brought changes in the game of Indian cricket's first game. It can be said that large sports stars have started coming out from rural areas. Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Today Indian viewers have become so passionate about the game of Sehwag that the audience is waiting for their game and the joy of their game raises all the spectators.

In the matches between India and Pakistan in March-April 2004, Sehwag has set many records.

Having made 309 runs in the match between India and Pakistan in Multan, he became the Indian player to make a triple century in the Sehwag Test match. This event played an important role in India's victory over Pakistan.

{Virender SehwagBiography}

He is the first Indian player to score 5 sixes in one innings in Test cricket. This charisma has been done twice in that test match.

Sehwag's 228 double century is the fastest century ever made by an Indian player.

Sehwag scored the highest score by scoring 309 runs against India against Pakistan.

Hero Honda Sports Academy nominated him in 2005 as the best player of the year 2004.

In January 2006, Sehwag scored more than 200 runs in an innings against Pakistan for the third time.

Sehwag made the fastest century (93 balls) as the Indian opener in January 2006.

In January 2006, Sehwag became the first Indian batsman to make double century in consecutive Test against Pakistan.

Sehwag is the second fastest double century in Test cricket (182).

Sehwag scored 247 runs against Pakistan in January 2006 and became the first Indian player to score 10 centuries as an opener. In the 11 centuries he had made 10 centuries as an opener. Gavaskar's record of making century in the form of opener, which made 33 of his 34 centuries as an opener.
Virender Sehwag Biography