Chris Gayle Biography [National Biography]


BIRTH : 21 September 1979

BIRTH PLACE : Kingstone Jamaica
Chris Gayle Biography
Chris Gayle Biography

Who today does not know Chris Gayle, but nobody knows how much Chris Gayle has worked to achieve this. Chris Gayle started his cricket career in so many bad situations and how he reached this stage today, so let friends tell you the whole story of Chris Gayle's life.

Chris Gayle was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingstone Jamaica.Chris Gayle has struggled in his life, Chris Gayle's family lived in a crude hut. Chris Gayle is unable to complete his studies because of poor poverty at home. You would be surprised to know that Chris Gayle used to place garbage in place to raise your family's stomach.
Chris Gayle Biography
Chris Gayle Biography

Chris Gayle told a channel in an interview that sometimes he had to steal when he had nothing to eat. But at that time Chris Gayle did not know that one day luck would be such a person that he would be one of the world's richest people.
Cricket Carrier: Chris Gayle's cricket career started with Lucca Cricket Club. At that time Chris Gayle played for the first time in under 19. Afterward, he played his first ODI match against India in 1999 and played in 2006 against the first T20 New Zealand.

Initially Chris Gayle's bat did not go, which led him to hear a lot, but on the strength of his hard work and perseverance, you made a record of making 1000 runs in the same year in 2002. After that Chris Gayle never looked back and looked back. Chris Gayle is the first such player in the world who has hit you on the first ball of the first match.

Chris Gayle has four such players in the world who have put Triple Ceuntery in the Test match. If we talk about T20, then the first half of the history of T20 has been done by Chris Gayle. In T20, his best score is 175 runs. From 2007 to 2010, Chris Gayle has been the captain of the West Indies team.
Despite being born in such a poor family, Gayle Gayle has reached that point where people are able to reach their dream.

Luxery Cars and Income Of Chris Gayle: If we talk about earnings, one year's earnings are worth 5 billion dollars to 7 billion dollars. Recently Chris Gayle has bought a luxury house in Jamaica, worth 22.5 million. If you talk about cars, Chris Gayle has 8 lugsry cars. Of these, there are big trains like Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Lamborghini and Audi.