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 Sunil Gavaskar Biography

Sunil Gavaskar is a pre-player of Indian cricket. Sunil Gavaskar is counted among the great batters of cricket in the present era. He set many records related to batting. Sunny was born on July 10, 1949 in Mumbai (Maharashtra). His wife's name is Marshneil. His son, Rohan Gavaskar, has also played in the Indian cricket team.
Sunil Gavaskar Biography
Sunil Gavaskar Biography
He established many batting records related to batting. Gavaskar (in his time span) was the only batsman who scored 3 times in world cricket, one thousand runs in a year, highest century (34), highest runs (more than nine thousand), highest century runs and highest score in first-class . Every innings and runs of 'Sunny' Gavaskar are historic. He led the Indian team efficiently and achieved many important victories, in which 'Asia Cup' and 'Besan & Hazzes World Cup' are the important. Gavaskar, who is called 'Diamond of Cricket', has presented a solid foundation for his team in one-dayers. He has also made a record of 100 caps in England. Gavaskar is a unique puzzle of cricket. After the latter half of his sporting career in 1986, his play was further enhanced. Even when playing cricket on behalf of his college, he was considered to be the most successful batsman. In 1971, he was selected for the Test team's tour of the West Indies. Sunny is considered to be the world's top player.
Sunil Gavaskar Biography
Sunil Gavaskar Biography

Sunil Gavaskar Biography
Will India's cricket fan ever forget the first World Cup in 1975, Gavaskar? When referring to that World Cup, Gavaskar's unbeaten 36 runs in front of the eyes, which he played in 60 overs. For this, he faced 174 balls and had just hit a four.

England had made a huge score of 334 runs in four wicket in 60 overs, in response to India's slow batting, India were able to score only 132 runs on three wickets. There were various discussions for Gavaskar's slow batting. It was said that the angry Gavaskar played such innings as Srinivas Venkataraghavan was given captaincy in the World Cup.

Although Gavaskar himself said that he left his wicket open several times but the opposition bowlers did not bowl him out. He later claimed that he could not adjust himself at the speed of the game. Gavaskar was wasting a ball after the other in the field and it was really difficult to guess the frustration of the Indian supporters and team mates.

Sunil Gavaskar Biography

Sunil Gavaskar's education took place in St. Xavier's School and St. Xavier's College. He got cricket education for playing 'Giles' and 'Harris' Shield Tournament.

He scored very well in the All India School Tournament, playing for the Western Zone. For their good performance, J. C. Mukherjee Memorial Award was given. After that he also studied in St. Xavier's College, he achieved great success in "Inter-University Cricket". He joined the Dadar Union and played for the Vizji Trophy and got the invitation to come to the Bombay team. In which he played for the Iranian trophy and Ranji Trophy.

Sunil Gavaskar created many new records and broke old records. He made the record for making 34 centuries and became the world's first player to score 10000 runs in Test cricket. Later, Allen Border broke his record.

The record of making 1984 runs in a total of one year (12 months) is Sunil Gavaskar's name. He made an unprecedented record of making 1984 runs by 17 October 1978 to 13 October 1979, with two double centuries, 6 centuries, 9 fifties.

Sunil Gavaskar Biography

From his college days, Sunil Gavaskar was seen on the lookout of a good cricketer, since then his style of playing cricket in college was like all. They were considered to be the most successful batsmen.

In 1971, he was selected in the Test team for the historic tour of the West Indies. He is the only Indian player to score 2749 runs in 27 Tests against West Indies, 2483 runs in 38 tests against England, 2089 runs in 24 tests against Pakistan and 1550 runs in 20 tests against Australia.

Due to his amazing performance and record breaking record in the cricket field, he is one of the best batsmen in the world. He broke the record of Don Bradman by making 34 centuries. He scored 10,000 runs, the highest score scored by a batsman. Sunil is the only batsman in the world who scored 1000 runs in a cricket year three times. Under his skillful leadership, the Indian cricket team has achieved many important victories, among which are 'Asia Cup' and 'Benson and Hedges World Cup'. He played 125 Test matches.

Sunil Gavaskar Biography

Interesting fact

An amazing fact about Sunil Gavaskar is that he reaches the ground of badminton straight from the cricket ground to keep his body (height 5 feet 5 inches, weight 66 kg) right.

He is very fond of reading books and listening to music. He himself has written a book called 'Sunny Days' and always talks to people in the vocabulary of cricket.

It is said that once he was going somewhere in his car a man came in front of his car. He put the brack and got down from the car and went to the man and said, "Hey brother, watch it and run, otherwise run out." The man did not take any time to recognize that it was Sunil Gavaskar.

Gavaskar was the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in world cricket and 30 centuries.

Sunil Gavaskar Biography 

1) 'Arjuna' in 1975
2) In 1980 'Padamabhushan' and
3) Wisden Award in 1980.
1) 'Sanidaj',
2) 'Idle',
3) 'Runs and Ruins',
4) 'One Day Vander'