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Arijit Singh Biography (Biography of Arijit Singh): Arijit Singh is a singer whose praise is as low as that. In the voice of 'Arijit Singh', he has great talent. Through which he brings pain and ease to his voice easily.

At a very young age, "Arijit Singh" stepped into playback singing and made a different identity between big singers while stepping. Arijit Singh has brought a revolution of revolution with his soulful voice, Hindi Music Industry. That's why we are talking today, the only one entitled 'Arjit Singh' of soulful voice.

Arijit Singh Biography

Name - Arijit Singh
Business - Playback Singer, Music Composer
Date of birth - April 25, 1987.
Birthplace - Murshidabad (West Bengal). India.
Religion - Hindu
Wife - Koyal Roy

Arijit Singh's Success Story - {Arijit Singh Biography}

Arijit Singh was born in 1987 in Murshidabad city of West Bengal. Arijit Singh's father was Punjabi and mother Bengali. All members of Arijit are connected to music in Nainital. His grandmother was already trained in classical music. Aunt also used to sing. Mama was a tabla player. His mother was also interested in music. If so many members of the family are connected to music then it is natural to follow the music of the next generation.

Arijit Singh (Early life) {Arijit Singh Biography}
Arijit Singh Biography | Wife | Song | Awards |

Arijit Singh initially received high school education from King Vijay Singh School and completed his graduation from Sripat College. Arijit says that he was quite good at studies since the beginning. But he was more interested in his music. Looking at this trend towards music, his parents started giving him musical professional training.

From "Pandit Rajendra Prasad Hajari", he learned Shastri's music. From "Dhirendra Prasad Hajari", he learned to play Tabla, and from "Virendra Prasad Hajari", he learned Ravindra Music and Pop Music.

Arijit Singh Career & Struggle {Arijit Singh Biography}
Arijit Singh Biography | Wife | Song | Awards |

Arijit completed the training of music. Now they needed such a platform. Where he can show his talent. Arijit Singh got a chance luckily. In 2005, he left his town and moved to Mumbai to participate in a singing reality show. To participate in this Reality Show, many auditions had to be given. The auditions used to be so tight that many times Arijit also used to sleep during the audition.

But he never gave up. Arijit went out of the show even before reaching top five in this reality show. But the judge of this show Shankar Mahadevan was very impressed by his voice. He assured to work with Arijit in the future, and later Sankar Mahadevan conveyed his promise to give Arijit a chance to sing "High School Musical to Album" song "Alpha 1" according to his promise.

Arijit Singh Success (Step towards success)

Later on, Arijit participated in another reality show ("10 of 10 hearts taken") and this time he became the winner of this Reality Show. After winning the show, he got a contract to sing the song for a popular music level. But Arijit had to make a lot of efforts to regain her foot in the music industry.

 So far, everyone knows that only after Arijit came to Mumbai, the playback song was sung. But there was nothing like that. When Arijit stepped into the music industry. Then many legends singers had a lack of good work. Soon Arijeet realized that he has no chances of playback singing now. So he made some changes in his music career and he started working as a music producer.

 He worked as a music programmer with many Famous Music Producers like Pritam Chakraborty, Vishal Shekhar, and Gemini. By the way, it was right for him to become a music programmer. Here he got a chance to learn the nuances of music. In simple words, Arijit became a Better Musician doing music programming.

Arijit Singh Turning Point of Life (Success)
Arijit Singh Biography | Wife | Song | Awards |

Turning Point in Arijit's Life came in 2010 when music director Pritam had to make music of 16 movies. During the making of music, Arijit started singing rough cut songs of four to five songs every day. Seeing this talent of Arijit, Pritam started singing in his films from Arijit.
 As these songs are released. Ariesgate and other music directors got good offers to music for them. Gradually Arijit's velvet voice was fame and he went to meet limelight, which he deserved. We are all aware that Arijit is at the peak today.

Arijit Singh Personal Life

Successful in Arijit Music Industry Failure in personal life, the same failed. Very few people know that- Arijit had two weddings. Arijit's first marriage took place after being in love with Co-Content during the reality show. But due to mutual differences both of them soon separated. In the second marriage, he married his childhood friend "Koyal Roy" in 2014. Koel was already married.

 But due to problems in marriage, Koel divorced her first husband and got married to Arijit. Koel Roy's first marriage is a daughter. Which is very close to Arijit. Arijit also runs an NGO of herself, whose name is "LET THERE BE LIGHT" which works, Jia Ganj