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Mayawati | Biography | life | Story | Bio|
Mayawati | Biography | life | Story | Bio|
Mayawati alias Chandawati is a woman politician from India, she is the president of Bahujan Samaj Party (Mayawati Biography). She has become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times, she has the distinction of becoming the first Dalit Chief Minister from the Dalit and economically backward class. Despite being related, their parents continued their studies and made them qualified due to their qualifications and their tireless efforts. She known as Iron Lady.

Mayawati Bio

Name- Mayawati aka Chandavati
Born -15 january 1956
Birthplace- Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani Hospital New Delhi
Father's Name - Prabhu Das
Mother's name - ramranti
Education -B.A. Kalindi College, Delhi University,L.L.B. Meerut University
Nationality- indian

Come to politics after the establishment of Bahujan Samaj Party in 1984
Uttar Pradesh has become chief minister four times 1995, 1997, 2002, 2007
Currently Bahujan Samajwadi Party is the President

Early life of Mayawati

Mayawati was born on 15th January, 1956 in Delhi but her native village is Badalpur, which is located in Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, it belongs to the Chamar family of Hindu religion. She has 6 brothers and 2 sisters, her father's name is Prabhu  Das was a post office employee in Gautam Buddha Nagar, later retired from the post of Indian postal department, Mayawati's mother, Ramvati was an illiterate woman, but she He really taught-enroll their children

Mayawati ji got her B.A. from Kalindi College of Delhi in 1975. And passed B.Ed examination in 1976 from Ghaziabad Meerut University and in 1983 L.L.B. Mayawati's father, from Meerut University, wanted to make her a collector, and in this way Mayavati ji accepted the advice of her father and started preparing for the Indian Administrative Service and for a while she did a teacher's job.

But after some time when he met Kashiramji, he advised Mayawati to come to politics, Mayawati did not pay attention to this matter at that time, but after meeting her repeatedly with Kashiram, she came to politics Ready to come

Mayawati and Kanshiram Story 

When Mayawati came under the leadership of Kanshiram ji, she put her whole heart into politics and then she did not look back, with patience and patiently, she went ahead

Mayawati's come into politics

It is said that when Mayawati was doing her studies, she also worked as a teacher for a few days and when Kanshiram ji formed the Bahujan Samaj Party in 1984, Mayawati joined the party and she came under the leadership of Kashiram, He started his first election campaign from Karaana Lok Sabha in Muzaffarnagar and worked hard and in 1987 he worked hard and thus, in 1989 elections The party won 13 seats

Due to this election, he became very famous and he got his place in the party and his name also came with the party's big leaders, with the efforts of Mayawati, a big change in the people of both Dalits and backward classes in Uttar Pradesh. 

Because of the two communities Mayawati came, Bahujan Samaj singed the qualities of party, and in 1995, Mayawati's coalition government formed and for the first time she He became Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh; Having done a lot of work for the poor in his post, he also became a big benefactor of Mayawati. In his government, he did not do any wrong thing and also to improve corruption. 

Tried and stressed on taking strict action against all the government employees and administrative officials, due to the works of Mayawati, Kashir The Minister declared him his successor as president of the Bahujan Samaj Party in 2001 and became president Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party after the demise of Kashiram G in 2006

Mayawati's whole life span 

Between 2002 and 2003, with the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mayawati again took the post of Chief Minister by forming a coalition government, but due to the withdrawal of BJP support some time later Mayawati's government fell, Mayawati lost her after the fall of the government. On the basis of his right thinking resolution and propaganda, Mayawati again won the 2007 assembly elections. And once again he was made the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

While holding the post of Chief Minister, Mayawati constructed many statues related to Buddhism and Dalit community and also released a large statue of Kashiram ji, Mayawati ji is unmarried.