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Narendra Modi Biography,Narendra Modi Biography in short

Narendra Modi was Born in a poor family of Gujarat and from an ordinary person to the country's top position, Narendra Modi is known as 'Vikas Purush'. Presently he is one of the most popular leaders in the country.He is also the most popular in Indian leader on Twitter. They are also known as 'Namo'. Time magazine has included Modi in the list of 42 candidates of Person of the Year 2013.

In addition to politics, Narendra Modi is also fond of writing. He has written several books, including poems. They start their day with yoga. Yoga makes reconciliation between their body and mind, and they communicate peace in their daily routine.

Name: Narendra Damodardas Modi

Birth: September 17, 1950 Vadnagar

District-Mehsana (Gujarat)

Narendra Modi's Father: Damodar Das Mulchand Modi

Narendra Modi's Mother: Hiraben Modi

Narendra Modi'sWife : Jasoda Ben Chamanlal

Siblings of Narendra Modi : Somabhai, Amrit, Prahalad, Pankaj, Vasanti (sister)

Height of Narendra Modi : 170 cm / 5'7 "feet

Weight of Narendra Modi: 68kg

Age of Narendra Modi (2018): 68 years

Hobby of Narendra Modi : Writing, Reading, Writing Poems, Photography.

Narendra Modi's childhood with poverty and struggle.

On September 17, 1950 in Vadodara, Modi was born in the house of Damodaradas Mulchand Modi, Narendra Modi was the third son of his 6 children. Narendra Modi used to have tea stalls at his railway station with his father. They were very fond of reading According to his teacher, he was a skilled speaker. Modi had completed his studies from a school in Vadnagar. Modi was engaged in 13 years with Jasoda Ben and at the age of 17 was married. In 1980, graduating in Political Science from the University of Gujarat. After a few years of marriage, Modi left the house after retirement and went to the Himalayas in search of knowledge. After many years of excursion and knowledge austerity, Modi again returned to worldly life and joined the RSS. . He was sent to the Bharatiya Janata Party by the Sangh where he played a big role in raising the party organization.

Narendra Modi becomes Gujarat's 14th Chief Minister.

Narendra Modi Biography,Narendra Modi Biography in short


After returning to Gujarat, he went to Ahmedabad in 1970. Modi has became a full-time worker for RSS  In 1971, and In 1975, during the state of emergency, he had to hide for some time. In 1985, he joined BJP and worked in several posts within the party hierarchy till 2001, from where he gradually reached the post of Secretary. In 2001, he became the Chief Minister of his home state Gujarat. He completed four glorious tenures in the form of Chief Minister. He converted Gujarat to the development of a destructive earthquake in the form of a growth engine which is today making a significant contribution to the development of India

Narendra Modi became the 15th Prime Minister of the country.

After getting Winning in his general elections in 2014, Narendra Modi took oath as India's 15th Prime Minister on May 26, 2014. He is the first Prime Minister of India who born after Independence. Energetic, dedicated and determined, Narendra Modi is a symbol of the aspirations and hopes of more than one billion Indians. In the various initiatives related to Narendra Modi's foreign policy, the world's largest democracy appears to be the impression of real potential and role on the global stage of India. He started his tenure in the presence of Heads of all SAARC countries. His speech in the United Nations General Assembly was praised worldwide.

Narendra Modi's resolve to reach every person in the country.

For the first time, unprecedented change has come through the Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yojana under which it has been ensured that all citizens of the country are involved in the financial system. Keeping their focus on making the business easier, their call to 'Make in India' has led to unprecedented communication between the investors and entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Under the 'Sharmev Jayate' initiative, labor reforms and dignity of labor have empowered many workers engaged in small and medium industries and the skilled youth of the country got inspiration too. With Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Smart city, Notebirth, GST and Ayushman India, they have dreamed of making New India. Narendra Modi's call to celebrate any one day as "International Yoga Day" received tremendous support in the United Nations. For the first time, 177 countries around the world united and passed the resolution of 21 June to be celebrated as "International Yoga Day" in the United Nations.

Narendra Modi is a Public leader, active on Social Media.

Narendra Modi is a public leader who is committed to removing people's problems and improving their living standards. They like to go among people, join their happiness and remove their sufferings. At the grassroots, there are deep personal contacts with the people as well as they are also available online. He is India's greatest politician in the love of technology and those who understand it. He is always employed to reach people through the website and make changes in their lives. They are also quite active on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Sound Cloud, LinkedIn, Vibo and other platforms.