Rahul Gandhi | Age | Biography | Education | family |

                     Rahul Gandhi Biography 

Rahul Gandhi | Age | Biography | Education | family |
Rahul Gandhi | Age | Biography | Education | family |
Birth:    June 19, 1970
Place of Birth:  New Delhi, India
Mother:     Sonia Gandhi
Father:       Rajiv Gandhi
Sister:        Priyanka Gandhi
Grandma:  Indira Gandhi
Education receipt: Delhi University Howard University Rollins College, Trinity College Cambridge
Religion: Hindu
Political party:  Indian National Congress 

'Rahul Gandhi Biography'

Rahul Gandhi's life introduction

Rahul Gandhi was born on June 19, 1970 in New Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi (Former Prime Minister) and Congress President Sonia Gandhi is his parents. They have a younger sister too. Priyanka Gandhi Vadhee Rahul Gandhi's grandmother, Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister) is alive.
Rahul Gandhi is now the President of the Indian National Congress after the formal coronation on 16 December 2017.

In 2009, the biggest credit for the big political victory Congress got in the general elections. He is strong in the political strategies with roots and establishing a deep connection with the rural masses and he has the power to strengthen the Congress party from within.

Nowadays Rahul Gandhi's whole focus is to strengthen the Congress party with roots.

Rahul Gandhi's education

"Rahul Gandhi Biography"

Rahul Gandhi's education took place at St. Columbas School, and after that he went to studying in Doon Vidyalaya, where his father also studied.

Because of their safety from 1981-83, they had to study their own house. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994 from Rollins College Florida, Howard University.

After this, M.Phil from Trinity College, Cambridge University in 1995. Has received the title of.

After the study, Rahul Gandhi worked for 3 years in his mentor Michael Porter's management consulting company Monitor Group, those people who were working with Rahul Gandhi.

He did not even know who he was working with because Rahul's name was Ron Vinci.

Rahul Gandhi
was also a member of "OUT SOURCING COMPANY BACK UPS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED", a company related to engineering and technology located in Mumbai at the end of 2002.

Rahul Gandhi's Political Life - Rahul Gandhi Biography

'Rahul Gandhi Biography'

In 2003, the atmosphere of the media was hot due to Rahul Gandhi's coming to politics, which he did not confirm.

Rahul Gandhi
appeared with his mother on social gatherings. To visit one-day international cricket, she went to Pakistan along with her sister Priyanka Gandhi.

In 2004, both Priyanka and Rahul were being asked to enter politics. Rahul went to Amethi and said "I am not against politics. I have not decided when I will come to politics or not. "

In March 2004, he announced to contest the elections in May 2004 and announced that he should enter Indian politics, Rahul stood up for contesting Lok Sabha elections from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, which is the lower house of Parliament of India.

Rahul Gandhi
's uncle Sanjay Gandhi, who had died in his plane crash, was the first to see this area in Parliament.

Then his mother was in the Lok Sabha seat, till he was transferred to Rae Bareli. At that time the Congress party won 10 out of 80 seats and the Congress was in bad shape in Uttar Pradesh.

From this, the political tycoons were a little surprised and thought that Priyanka Gandhi would be able to do something for them.

The parties did not have Pura Biodota of Priyanka Gandhi which could be given to the media.

Priyanka had said in her first interview with foreign media that she had described herself as a woman linking the country and condemned India's "divisive" politics, she said she has tried to reduce ethnic and religious tensions.

Rahul Gandhi as Congress leader - History of Rahul Gandhi

With the difference of 100,000 votes in the elections he won, he kept his family name in his constituency, when the Congress defeated the Bharatiya Janata Party. The campaign was under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi.

Until 2006, he did not take any second position and only paid attention to politics. These things were going on at international level that Sonia Gandhi would prepare her to form a national level Congress leader in the future that she was absolutely convinced.

In January 2006, the matter is Hyderabad; Thousands of party members encouraged Rahul Gandhi to play an important role in the Indian National Congress group.

Rahul Gandhi said, "I appreciate it and I am grateful for your feelings and support, I assure you that I will not disappoint you" but asked him to be patient and take a high position immediately in the party Refused.

In Rae Bareli, Rahul and his sister took the election campaign of Sonia Gandhi in her honor in 2006 and won 4,00,000 votes.

2007 for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections