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                 Ankita Sharma Biography

Ankita Sharma made her identification with YouTube on YouTube before her TV show. It is a great choice to dance, dance is stylish and unique. They bill on Chandigarh, Punjab.

He was born on 31 May 1994 in Chandigarh. Ankita holds the taluka from Hindi Religion. And their height is 5 '4 ". Ankita is a dancer and an actress from the business. If you look at the relationship of her, then there is no such thing as to know her relationship so she is single.

After starting his acting business, Ankita moved to Chandigarh from Mumbai. Still, he has his own home in Chandigarh, where his father, mother, elder sister, younger brother, and grandmother live. Ankita often goes there by taking time out from a busy schedule.

His favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan and favorite actor Madhuri Dixit. He loves Spring Rolls and cheese chilly. His favorite movie is Dil To Pagal, and sometimes there is something going on in happiness. If you talk about income, then he gets 18 to 25000 episodes of the make-up of self-esteem.

Ankita Sharma worth:

In his interview, he told that by profession he is an engineer and his passion is dancing. Ankita Das Delhi due to this passion
They take training from a clerical dance and also have a master degree. But luck had some side of it.

Ankita Sharma Career:

Ankita shot a lot of classic dances and from there she got an elk Punjabi short film also.
That short film was named Urik, which was released in 2013. Gaurav Rana had directed this short movie to He played Rizzo in this movie. These were also nominated in the MOVI Toronto Film Festival, and from here on, Ankita took her acting career seriously and also has great fame on Ankita Youtube. People liked the videos of Punjabi songs written on the song. Which you can see on the Yutubeaben.

Ankita PTC has been a runner up of Miss Punjaban 2012.

Antennas, tickets have become a winner of the Bulldog Holiday reality show.
Apart from this, I have been a model of 2 Punjabi Songs. Which are
Manpreet Sandhu's Rahi Vei New Honda Song and Ranjit Bawa Ki Jaa Mundeya Song

Ankita Sharma did the show of TV career with Lajwanti show. In this, he played the role of Lajwanti Bhardwaj.

After this, in 2016, Ankita worked for the TV show, in which she played Meher Khanna.
And they have another TV serial "A make-up" which is currently running on Colors TV. This serial Ankita has played the role of Naina Solanki, 2015. I also got her Zee Relationships Awards Faavrett New Jodi for Sunderlal and Lajwanti.