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Ben Stokes Biography

Ben Stokes Batting Career Summary

M Inn NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 52 95 2 3152 258 33.89 5370 58.7 6 1 17 399 48
ODI 84 71 12 2217 102 37.58 2356 94.1 3 0 15 179 64
T20I 23 20 5 232 38 15.47 178 130.34 0 0 0 20 9
IPL 34 33 5 635 103 22.68 481 132.02 1 0 1 43 25

Ben Stokes Bowling Career Summary

M Inn B Runs Wkts BBI BBM Econ Avg SR 5W 10W
Test 52 89 7328 4054 127 6/22 8/161 3.32 31.92 57.7 4 0
ODI 84 69 2607 2674 63 5/61 5/61 6.15 42.44 41.38 1 0
T20I 23 18 334 496 10 3/26 3/26 8.91 49.6 33.4 0 0
IPL 34 30 587 808 26 3/15 3/15 8.26 31.08 22.58 0 0

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes Life story

This great player, born in England, is born in New Zealand. The full name of Ben Stock is Benjamin Andrew Stock. Ben's father was the rugby coach of the local club in Christ Church of New Zealand. His father had also played in international rugby league from New Zealand. Ben's mother was also a woman cricketer from New Zealand.

Therefore, the whole atmosphere of the Sportsman was in his house. Despite playing in international class in rugby, Ben's father did not get good money in the local club. Despite so many struggles, Ben's father did not lose heart.

Ben Stock practiced rugby with his father every day and practiced cricket with his mother. Ben's stock was very much attached to cricket, so stocks used to practice cricket every day for hours.

The stock had achieved a great deal of skill in both rugby and cricket games together. Now Ben was also participating in school level and local level tournaments. During this time his father asked Ben to pay more attention to rugby.

By the time the stock was 12, her parents would remain in New Zealand. Due to low inclination, Gerrard finally decided to go abroad and took his fortune to England. Here, Ben's father joined as coach of the rugby team.

Along with that, 12-year-old Ben Stokes also came to England and his world changed here. The stock that was making its identity in England was to choose between either rugby and cricket, the stock did not consider it a bit, and chose its own on cricket. Stocks were so efficient in rugby at that time.

Ben's stock talent began to subside at the local level, and with the help of his tremendous performance, the Cuban cricket league was taken. Right now Ben's stock was also made in Durham County. After county cricket, the stock got an opportunity to debut in the ODI team in August 2011 in front of Maryland. In England, after the arrival and stock, the stock was very expensive and unimpressive.

After getting a place in the national team, the start of such an orchestra stock would start soon after the placement of the national team, but Ben Stokes continued to struggle in the cricket world. The Sikh stock of his own mistakes made a lot of changes in his game and it was a miracle. The game of Ben Stock started day and day.

Ben Stock played a very good bowler in defeating Australia in the Ashes. Last year, Ben Stock made a double century in South Africa, making the cricket world his own name. After this Ben Stock has linked the image of a classic all-rounder in international cricket.

He has just taken his coin in three formats of cricket. The earlier stock had made many mistakes, but Ben learned from his own mistakes.

Due to the attachment and discipline of cricket to Ben Stock, in the end, the stock has improved its image and this year became a superhero in the IPL.